James Wilson

The Sleep Geek

child's mattress

James Wilson is a sleep behaviour and environment expert.

James is committed to improving the nation’s sleep, also acting as a spokesperson to raise awareness about the huge impact poor sleep has on both our emotional and physical wellbeing.

James works cradle to grave with poor sleepers and originally trained with The Children’s Sleep Charity, working with them to help families in crisis. During his time there he led the largest teen project in the UK, helping over 2,000 teenagers understand their sleep better and helping them make the environmental and behavioural changes to get them sleeping well.

He does not believe in dictating a solution to parents, but helping them understand their child’ sleep and supporting them to make changes that fits with their parenting style.

James’ passion for helping change the world’s sleep for the better comes from his own experience of poor sleep. Someone who has spent his life sleeping poorly, James knows what it feels like to struggle to sleep and has improved his own sleep by understanding his sleep better and making the right changes.

James’ poor sleep was ironic as he was the third generation of his family to be involved with sleep products. His Grandpa founded Duckers, who manufactured beds and mattresses in the 1940’s, and family lore says that his dad invented the cabin bed. His background in the industry means that he has used his understanding of sleep with his knowledge of products to be involved with sleep products from mattresses, duvets, pillows and Sleep Tech.

James co-founded SleepCogni, a revolutionary sleep medical device that will change how we diagnose and treat sleep disorders and still sits on their medical advisory board.

James is frustrated at how the organisations that develop sleep products and services for kids often make unvalidated claims and, in some cases, develop products that they are aware will negatively impact children’s sleep. James is committed to working with brands that are as passionate as him in helping families sleep better.

James is widely recognised for his work, most recently appearing on Channel 4’s TV series “The Secrets of Sleep”, helping some of the nation’s worst sleepers to conquer their sleep disorders. So