The very best children's mattress

We set out with one mission; to create the very best children’s mattress money can buy. We believe we have achieved that and yet managed to keep it affordable.

best child's mattress

A mattress made for your child

We have ensured our mattress will be just right for the development stage your child is at by creating 4 different mattresses. Baby, Infant, Junior and Teen. They all offer the correct level of support to encourage growth. No ‘one size fits all’ approach, but a mattress system that grows with your child, from birth to adult.

best child's mattress

Real sleep benefits

Our mattress and all future products will do what they say on the tin and solve the most important issues preventing families from getting the best sleep they can. Making sure your children wake up happy, alert, refreshed and ready to learn.

best child's mattress

Support for families

We offer evidence-based support alongside our products, so parents have a go-to guide, whatever age their child is. We cannot ‘cure’ sleep issues so having this support available throughout their lives is incredibly important. The mattress is just the start of the correct sleep environment and we are here to help every step of the way.

best child's mattress

The best made affordable

We aim to make the products affordable and to have a pricing model that makes them accessible to as many families as possible. It’s easy to make a cheap memory foam mattress, but our mattress is made in the UK from all natural materials and absolutely no chemicals. With each of our four mattresses costing you less than 30p a night.

best child's mattress

Go beyond the mattress

To campaign for a society that supports families better when it comes to sleep. Better sleep advice pre-birth, more access to sleep services for parents, and for us to create a school day that actually works with the natural rhythm of our children’s sleep/wake cycle, rather than fighting against it.

This isn’t just a mattress, this is the start of a movement.

best child's mattress

So. Who are Sleeporange?

We are a group of like-minded individuals who want to shake up the way we help families sleep better. We feel that waiting for society to get its act together when it comes to sleep is not good enough. We are not prepared to wait that long. Our aim is to change the way families understand their sleep and to offer them products based on solving real sleep issues. So